Buttoned Slippers – January 2013

From start…

First attempt 6 months ago (this would have been Summer 2012) – all sections knitted – soles and uppers sewn up then legs picked back as it became apparent that they weren’t going to fit. Couldn’t bear to take apart the little shoes so with the help of chunky wool (Sirdar Click) and chunky circular needles, I knitted ribbed socks onto them. As I start this project (January 2013), I have 2 soles, 2 uppers and half a leg so hoping it shouldn’t take too long. Just about the most ludicrous statement in my crafting life! First hurdle – not sure why I expected the knitting that I had previously done months ago to be right. Probably should have started to question it when the particular section of pattern wasn’t covered in the usual pencil scawl – space between buttonholes 2cm shorter than it should be, wrong number in brackets looked at, realisation only dawns when knitting the corresponding Upper Right Leg Lining. Small internal debate as to whether I should just carry on and make slightly shorter slippers but propriety prevails. Cue much unpicking and only minimal swearing…

…to Finish

All finished! Am reasonable pleased with the finished product but legs seem very long in comparison to shoe upper. We’ll see once they’re presented! Just need to sort out the non-slip soles…Dylon puff paint experiment to come. Not sure if I’ve followed the making up instructions properly but I’ve done what I think – anyway it’s taken long enough so I’m glad they’re finally finished. Onwards to the next project. They fit fine, puff paint didn’t work as I expected but perhaps not hairdryered enough. Bigger buttons needed as originals too small but on the whole very happy.


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