Super Chunky Cushion – March-April 2013

So, in a fit of “this looks cool, surely I can think of something to do with it”, I bought 3 balls of Cygnet Seriously Chunky yarn with a vague plan of perhaps making a bag. I’ve come up with a better plan to make / replace a cushion cover for my daughter with secret pockets little creations. First objective is a moss stitch square for the back. 15½” – so here we go!

Cast on 52, picked back half way through first row to 48. After 10 rows (I know I should have checked sooner but I got carried away – engrossed in Kevin Bacon thrillers and daft Nicholas Cage films – plus the yarn is really nice to knit in spite of using the plastic needles that a friend described as feeling slightly like a s toy) I realised that it’s still going to be too big so I’m starting again with 36 – wish me luck!

So 15½” for the back but I still need to make some sort of way of getting in to the cushion so I’m thinking I need 2 pieces for the back with a 2″ overlap and some fab buttons which were another impulse buy. Also definitely need more yarn. Another ball of Macaw and at least one more ball of the Bluebell probably 2. At least it gives me an excuse to properly shop for some yarn for the critters for inside the packets rather than making do. Everything is looking good so far though – very excited to keep going!

– – – – – – – – – –DSC_0876

So the saga of the stitches continues… Both parts of the back of the cushion completed but significantly too wide so picked back and started again with 32 stitches. So far knitted 20 rows so will do buttonholes (again) in the next row.

28 stitches over 5 gaps

ROW 21

Moss 6, cast off 2, moss 4, cast off 2, moss 4, cast off 2, moss 4, cast off 2, moss 6.

– – – – – – – – – –

And on to the front, 32 stitches by 56 rows. Halfway through the knitting of the front I changed my mind about the number of pockets and decided to increase from 1 to 3. One larger, two small.


I’ve been having a bit of an internal debate about how to sew up the cushion, particularly regarding the type of yarn to use but since I finished the final pockets this evening with only a few feet of Macaw to spare, I guess it’ll have to be the Bluebell. Decision made and, oh yes, all cushion parts completed!

The pockets have a sort of bulge at the bottom and have a tighter top due to increasing in the first row after cast on and a 1 x 1 rib for the last few rows. I’m still really excited about this project although massively sleep deprived so unable to even begin to think about next steps at the mo!

All finished and all sewn up! I’m really happy since this is the first thing (other than a few scarves) that I’ve knit from out of my head. It’s taken a while to get it all together and it’s been quite a learning curve but I have a real sense of achievement.

Halfway throughDSC_0903 knitting the cushion parts, I had an idea about the creatures – adapt the bauble pattern to make spherical / cylindrical ish shapes to fill with stuffing and sew up. After much doodling (and then basically making it up as I’ve gone along) I’ve knit the first, biggest creature. I need to make some decisions about putting on a face – button eyes now make me think of Coraline so beads might work better and a smile is definitely in order!

– – – – – – – – – –

I went with buttons and beads for the eyes and a chain-stitch smile. I’m almost happy with all of the creatures (known variously as lizards, melians (chameleons) or aliens according to my daughter). The biggest one has the best proportions but the purl tummy didn’t work as well as I’d hoped due to the M1 stitches in purl looking a bit funny. The middle one is cute but nearly too big to fit in its pocket and the smallest one is too long and thin. Lessons learned and all that!

Yarn: Cygnet Seriously Chunky – shades 237 Bluebell and 203 Macaw


Owl Mittens – February 2013

Cable – Eek! First foray into cable knitting – going OK but stupendous amounts of concentration needed. 2 rows done so far cable wise – am completely trusting the pattern although there was a glaring error in the second line, a 1 x 1 rib with even number of stitches is k1 p1 every row – even I, as a kntting novice, spotted that one and avoided an unwanted moss mishap. Slightly concerned about running out of yarn, I have a 50g ball when pattern specifies 100g but we’ll see… – – – – – – – – – – 7 rows done of 24 row pattern (plus ribs at either end) so getting there. – – – – – – – – – – Left hand mitten completed. Am proud of my first cable adventure. Once I’ve done the second one, I’ll have to find some buttons or beads for the eyes. Just going to cast on the right hand mitten before going to bed, something slightly addictive about this project! – – – – – – – – – – Finished! This has been the most challenging thing I’ve had to knit so I pretty much feel I can achieve anything. Still need to some eyes – can’t find the beads I wanted and the substitutes won’t fit over the needle. Also managed to get both mittens out of one 50g ball with about a foot of yarn to spare. Surplus ball to make a matching snood / scarf perhaps? Pattern: Simply Knitting Magazine Issue 94 June 2012 Yarn: King Cole Anti Tickle Merino Blend Aran in Kingfisher – – – – – – – – – – As an update as I write this now (July 2015) I never did add the bead eyes but have worn these mittens every winter since I made them – still very smug at the cabling although haven’t actually attempted any more since…