Crochet Granny Squares – May-June 2013

Thanks to an incredibly helpful series of Youtube videos, I’ve managed to achieve a basic cluster granny square. They are, as promised, very simple and very quick to make so I’m currently making a dolly’s blanket as practice before attempting the reaDSC_0020l thing (Mollie Makes Crofter blanket – more details to come). I’ve done four squares so far, just doing 3 rounds in each one and aim to do 8 more for a 3 x 4 blanket. The actual blanket pattern is slightly different (closed granny squares) to what I’ve learned so a little more experimentation is needed to get it right. Maybe I’ll do an additional round around what I’ve already done in a plain colour. I dont quite get the pattern – it seems like you do an uneven number in each corner which seems odd but I’ll have a go. You also seem to go into the spaces between all the treble crochets as well as the big holes – at least I think I know what I mean!

DSC_0023First test closed granny square completed. I’ve done each treble into the space below the stitch as it’s the only way I can see to make them the same size as the cluster squares. Don’t know why I was so worried about crochet (ha ha – since I still can’t equate what I’ve done to what’s written in the pattern!)

I have such symmetry issues that I have to make an alternate blanket pattern with 6 squares of each pattern despite the fact that it’s only a test and is only for a dolly! At least it’s a sunny day for crochet in the garden…

I feel that I should take a moment to comment on the yarns used in this project. So, I started off using the leftover yarn from the ballerina cardi. From it I made 6 cluster squares. Not wanting to spend much money (and forgetting all about the massive ball of flecked green yarn in my craft dresser) I decided to go on a charity shop trawl for supplies. The first shop was unsuccessful, some very pretty 4ply and some interesting bobbly stuff but I just need a small ball of DK. Onwards to the next shop where there was a big mixed bag of maybe 12 or 15 balls for £3.50. Through a double layer of polythene I spy two small balls of pink yarn that may fit the bill. The lady kindly agrees to split the bag and I pay 50p for my chosen yarn – “Looks like cotton” the lady remarks as she takes my money. Cotton? Cotton?! It is actually the most hideously synthetic yarn I’ve ever seen or felt/ Half way between string and garden twine – so much so that I’ve used it to tie together a cane wigwam for the sweet peas in my garden! So that’s the pink stuff used for the 6 closed granny squares. The plan had been to edge all the squares in pink but thankfully I found the big green ball (purchased a few years ago to knit some bootees for a friend’s baby) and the squares shown took shape. All the ends have been tidied away so I need to watch my final tutorial on joining squares together.
Once again crafting down to the wire, I finished the little test blanket (for Cat Cat) the night before the Californian adventure ready to be packed into my daughter’s hand luggage as part of an array of toys and surprises designed to keep her entertained on the transatlantic flight. It did its job and Cat Cat had a very comfortable journey!

Youtube Videos – Bethintx1 – How to Crochet series

Yarn Used – Sirdar Snuggly Baby Crofter in Florrie (shade 158)

King Cole Big Value DK in Shade 191



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