The Cliff Richard 2016 Craft Challenge

A few years ago my brother in law thought it would be funny to buy me a Cliff Richard calendar for Christmas. Although some people may desire to see a man in his 70s prancing around in ludicrous poses and questionable outfits, it’s not really my cup of tea but we put up with it for a year, laughing off the odd looks from visitors. The next Christmas came around, another Cliff calendar. In 2013 there were rumours that Cliff would only be producing one more calendar so my mother in law got in on the act and bought me the 2014 one thinking it would be the last. 2015 was blissfully Cliff-free until Boxing Day rolls round and who would’ve thought it, a late Christmas present from my brother in law – Cliff’s decided to release another calendar for his 75th year.

I’ve decided to put the 2016 calendar to an alternative use and use a different craft technique to transform each month’s image into something useful or beautiful. January’s project is a crochet pen pot. I’m planning on laminating the calendar pieces and incorporating them with yarn and hopefully fashioning some sort of floral decoration with Cliff’s beaming face at the centre. Photos and progress reports to follow.


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