January Cliff 2016 – From start to finish

So the plan for the January Cliff was a pen pot. The idea was to cut out parts of the calendar, laminate them and then use them as the structural supports for a crocheted cylinder. I cutDSC_0249 out a circular base (containing Cliff’s belt buckle), pierced holes and then did a chain stitch all the way round which essentially formed the foundation chain for the first crochet section. I did two double crochets into each chain stitch then did 4 rows of double crochet before adding the first calendar strip. I sewed the base of each calendar strip into place and used a blanket stitch at the top to form the next foundation chain that I needed. Three blocks of crochet and two pieces of calendar later, I had my basic pot.

Onto the decoration – since I want all of myDSC_0254 Cliff based projects to be useful and beautiful! Using another laminated circle (this time containing Cliff’s beaming face) as the starting point I created a large flower – blanket stitch all round for the foundation, double crochet for the next round and then loops for the petals. Two smaller flowers complete the look. The plan for February Cliff is decoupage – keep checking back for updates!

Yarn: King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK in Shades 525 Cobalt, 518 Ice Blue and 609 Glacier and DMC Natura Just Cotton in Shade 31 Malva


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