Closed Granny Square Crofter Blanket Part 1 June – December 2013

As soon as I saw this blanket in Mollie Makes Issue 24 I wanted to make it! I’d never attempted crochet before hence the practise blanket – it took such a long time to make but I think it’s one of my greatest crafting achievements!
3 squares down, 77 to go! I think I like Crofter yarn even more than the baby version. currently using Bracken, all heathery purples and sage green, very pretty.DSC_0581

Now on to Fairisle which is the colour of the sea and sky from the Californian coustline along the Big Sur. 15 squares done now. Once I get back to the UK I must start sewing in the ends. I think I’ll have to aim to tidy up after every ball so it won’t be such a monumentally tedious job at the end!

I did sew in the ends of the first two balls as I’d promised myself so I was feeling pretty virtuous until I found an informative, clearly illustrated, well thought out How to Crochet book filled with tempting patterns and projects that was very cheap and took only a minimal amount of convincing to buy it despite making a promise to myself not to spend money on frivolous or DSC_0870Cnon-essential items to get my finances back on track after the holiday. So I’m feeling a but guilty. Project wise I’m almost through the third ball (Skye) which was a short one since I’d already used it to make a mouse. I think I’ll be two squares short so will have to do 14 in the next four yarns. Oh and my interpretation of how to do the closed granny square hasn’t been quite right so I’ll continue the blanket using my version and will have to learn to correct way once I’m done.

Finished the Skye yarn and am now 12 squares into the Hound Dog yarn. Not so keen on the colours of this one but I think it will tie everything together. The pink is pretty but the sludgy green less so and there are large sections of white and grey marl-y bits. Nearly there though! I think I’m kidding myself that the hard work ends when the squares are done though – edging and blocking seem like such a chore but since I’ve essentially done every square a little bit wrong, I feel that I should keep the finishing by the book if nothing else!

Just had the second of two lovely craft evenings with my two closest friends. So far I’ve taught one to crochet basic cluster granny squares and this evening we muddled through intarsia. My (penance) task for this evening was sewing in ends and in between tutoring, decifering patterns, ice-cream eating and chatting, I mDSC_0868Banaged about 14 squares! After laying everything out I reckon it would be better to do a 10 by 10 square rather than 8 x 10 so I need a few extra squares.

The end is slowly starting to creep into the outer fringes of periferal vision! Just completed the 93rd square – 7 left to go. I have quite a lot of sewing in ends to do, this will be my Sunday afternoon task. And then the edges and the final sewing up… Sounds like such a small task! My head is buzzing with so many other crochet projects that I want to try. I’m very intrigued about the plarn thing although will have to improve on my flat crochet plus there’s the slippers and a really pretty Christmas garland that I think would work well for Christmas…


One thought on “Closed Granny Square Crofter Blanket Part 1 June – December 2013

  1. Oh wow, that’s a lot pf pretty squares there 🙂 I agree, it helps to come up with a system to clean up the tails at regular intervals as doing them all together can get overwhelming. And I can totally relate with being excited to do many projects at once 😀 Currently I’ve placed myself under some sort of crochet-inspiration-confinement (or whatever you might call it!) so I can focus on de-stashing and whatever I need to finish without distractions. LOL!


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