Closed Granny Square Crofter Blanket Part 2 June – December 2013

All ends sewn in and the first ten squares edged with only a few minor issues! The first was a counting error, after doing a side of trebles and counting and checking and rechecking and rechecking again, I finally discovered that I’d missed a treble in the second round so every round since then was short. I unpicked and reworked the square only to find I was five trebles of yarn short at the end – the difference between newbie nervous tension and nearing the end / not another bloody square tension. Since there was no more of the yarn in question, a quick patch with a grey and white marl from the end of another ball achieved an almost seamless fix – thank you variegated yarn! The second is the edging yarn itself. I don’t know why I always start knitting from the centre of the ball. My Mum must’ve told me to do it when I first learnt to knit but for some reason with this ball (a big 100g acrylic number) the ends are completely intertwined to the point where I’ve been unravelling and untangling just enough yarn at a time to complete each square. I think I’ve finally sorted it though, mainly by stuffing the worst of the bird nest tangle back into the centre of the ball and working with the outside end instead. I’ve even had to take off the ball band! Again a strange foible in that I usually don’t remove it until the ball gets too small to hold it in place and it just falls off. I was crafting with a friend recently and I lent her a ball of yarn and the first thing she did was rip the band off – I actually had to conceal my shock and bite my tongue! Will have to ask my Mum for the reasons behind my yarn etiquette quirks!

It seems that the sums may be neverending on this project! My finished squares are 10cm squared while the pattern asks for 14cm squared so I’m thinking of doing a 9 square by 12 square blanket. I actually can’t crochet any looser – I may have to look at joining with trebles rather than doubles to perhaps increase the spcae between each square. Meanwhile – 30 squares edged – 10 of these are completely ends-sewn-in finished and my task for craft club is to catch up. Oh and I ended up unravelling the whole ball of yarn into what can only be the stuff of cat dreams – an almost perfectly shaped ball, prone to jump of my knee and roll provocatively across the floor at the drop of a hat (or should that be stitch – arf arf!)
DSC_0871After some careful consideration I’ve realised that my tension isn’t the cause of the size issue, it’s all down to the fact that I didn’t really know what I was doing in the first place with regards to the technique required and consequently did every square wrong. I’m pretty sure the slight difference between starting a treble from the gap below or from the top of the stitch below probably accounts for the size difference which no amount of stretching and blocking can fix.
I’m really beginning to feel that I can see the end. So far I’ve edged and sewn in 70 DSC_0872squares. I’ve been very disciplined this time and done my sewing in every 10 squares – usually on my lunchbreak at work. I’ve edged 6 more this evening catching up on trash telly in between playing with a manic cat.
I posted a few of my most recent pictures on Facebook this evening and have had an unexpected but positive and craft affirming response which has made me feel really good about the whole thing. I’ve got 20 ends to sew in, then I’m on to the edging of the final 18 squares – I’m almost feeling like how the hell did that happen.

All squares completed! The last three have been particularly painful since I’ve had to pick them back to correct earlier mistakes but they’re all done. 18 ends to sew in then on to the joining – eek!

Slow progress but progress none the less. All squares joined one way (using a treble join) and 2 joins out of 8 joined the other way.

So, final join begun. I have to then sew in all the ends and then it’s just edging to go. I have one ball left of the edging yarn left plus a few ends so I’m hoping to be able to get round twice and then do a final shell edge to finish the whole thing.

The blanket is finally finished! I abandoned plans for the shell edge as I couldn’t face it! I finished it not long after Christmas but since it has been such an all-consuming project, I had a little break from crafts for a while.

Pattern: Mollie Makes Issue 24

Yarn: Sirdar Crofter DK in shades Skye (047), Bracken (050), Shetland (051),  Hound Dog (053), Fairisle (054), Plaid (055), Wild Thyme (064) and Hayfield Bonus DK shade Alpine (842)



One thought on “Closed Granny Square Crofter Blanket Part 2 June – December 2013

  1. That looks gorgeous! Kudos to your patient persistence. I’ve never worked on any granny-squares project larger than a place-mat — I know it’ll never get done because I’d get bored, haha!


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