Crochet High Tops – March-April 2014

So the next project I’m attempting is tiny crocheted high tops for Crawford baby number 2. I have the wonderfully soft baby merino silk yarn, I have the hook, I’m definitely willing but am I able?

One sole completed – it looks like the picture and everything! I’ve had to start it maybe 5 times but 5th time lucky it seems OK. Massive box of craft supplies arrived today thanks to my husband’s Christmas gift. So many things to try – soap making kit for a free afternoon, Boodles yarn for a play mat, glass markers for messing around with, more felting supplies – all very exciting!

ODSC_1030a (2)ne tiny crocheted high top complete, one to go. I have concerns about the fabric trim since there is minimal instruction in the pattern but I’ll have a go. Feeling quite positive again after a sizeable dip. Also my friend’s baby will be getting their very own high tops too whether they like it or not!

High tops all but finished – one more bit of surface crochet to do on each one then the fabric trim. My Mum suggested bias binding since it’s already folded so a selection should be with me tomorrow along with 2 more balls of the Georgie yarn (Sirdar Baby Crofter shade 148) so I can knit the little bolero for G after tackling the play mat. Hoping the play mat will be quick – not sure yet how best to do it. Probably a try and see approach with various size circles, we’ll see!

A turquoise Paisley trim finished the booties off nicely – all done!20140405_212339

Yarn: Rowan Baby Merino Silk in Grass (shade 683) and Snowdrop (670), Bias Binding in green paisley – similar from or

Pattern: Mollie Makes Issue 31


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