Basket and Playmat – April 2014

As a little side project to the hightops DSC_1036and a distraction provided by the giant craft delivery, I made a little basket using the Boodles and a pattern from Hook, Yarn and Crochet by Ros Badger.

So the play-mat… I’m thinking circle to square squares for ease of joining. I do love the idea of circles of various sizes but don’t think I can fathom out the joining, particularly with my addled pregnancy brain. So let’s go! Last episode of last season’s Game of Thrones before the new season starts tomorrow, Boodles and giant hook at the ready!

ch 4 and join into ring with sl st.
ch 3 (first tr) then 11 trebles into ring (12 sts) sl st to join
Change colour
ch 3 (first tr) + 1 tr in same st. 2 trebles into each st (24 sts) sl st to join
Change colour
ch 3 (first tr) + 1 tr in same st. Alternate between doing 2 tr and 1 tr into each st (36 sts) sl st to join
Change colour
ch 3 (first tr) + 1 tr in same st. 1tr, 1tr, 2tr, 1tr, 1tr – continue like this all the way round (48 sts) sl st to join
Change colour
ch 3 (first tr) ch 4 more (counts as corner) 2 tr in next st, 1tr, 1htr, 1htr, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc, 1htr, 1htr, 1 tr, 2tr ch 4 – continue all the way round to get four sides.

First square complete. Will definitely be tough and hardwearing but perhaps not too comfortable to lie on. Will be quick to make though. Maybe 3 x 3 squares will be big enough? If not 4 x 4 should be.

DSC_1020More squares completed. First two unpicked and redone as the green yarn is twice the width of all the others. Have now cut all the green yarn in half to make it more manageable and hopefully go further.

So near to the end and timed perfectly to coioncide with the start of my maternity leave. I have 3 more rounds to do to finish all the squares, then joining and edging. I’m thinking of using a whip stitch join to help everything lie flat and also am hoping that just doing a really basic dc edge all the way round should even out any sizing issues.

All squares completed which is great. I’ve done almost all of the dc edge around everything but have run out of dark green yarn. This unfortunately means I’m going to have to borrow some of the little basket I made. I’m hoping not too much and I’m also hoping that there will be at least a little bit spare of another colour to be able to mend it afterwards.
Basket borrowed from and replaced with a half treble row of turquoise before the dc grey edging row. All back in place and refilled with the bedside table necessities (read junk) it is so useful for storing. Playmat also finished. The whipstitch join worked really well and means there isn’t a ridged join between the squares. I’m really pleased with how the whole thing has worked out. Not sure who to stop it curling up though – I don’t know how to go about blocking it. I’m sort of hoping the general wear and tear of usage will flatten in out.


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