February Cliff 2016

DSC_0255I had grand plans for a Cliff based decoupage project for February but plans changed. I went to a friend’s baby shower a few weeks ago where we spent a lovely afternoon drinking tea, eating cake and crafting decoupage building blocks for her new baby. I loved the idea and brought home a set of 4 wooden blocks but unfortunately Cliff’s choice of pose for February doesn’t fit with what I have in mind so decoupage will be postponed until March.

I have developed quite an obsession with embroidered photographs recently. There are so many amazing ones online and I’ve been itching to have a go – so step forward February Cliff, the time is now! DSC_0297I cut out Cliff’s face and put it over a piece of cotton fabric within an embroidery hoop. I decided that using cloth behind the paper would strengthen the whole thing and protect the paper from tearing. Picking up on colours from Cliff’s shirt and tie, I chose three shades of purple embroidery cotton and used single strands to embroider a series of geometric star and jewel shapes. I pierced the holes for each small design as I went along so I had an idea of what I was doing but it was (as most of my projects are) made up as I went along!DSC_0300

I’m particularly pleased with the starburst design round the eye! To finish off I did a running stitch around the edge of the cotton and pulled it in so the cotton was tidied round the back. I used double sided tape to secure the paper and attached another piece of cotton on the reverse to hide the back of the work. All in all a enjoyable and satisfying addition to the Cliff Craft Challenge – roll on March 2016!



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