Scarecrow Costume – October 2014

Another distraction has arisen in the form of a fancy dress costume for my daughter. I’ve just put the finishing touches to her scarecrow costume for a Nursery Harvest Festival.
Hessian patched jeans, a “straw” (curling ribbon and raffia) trimmed top with matching cuffs, all topped off with a floral hessian headband. I have to point out that this was all achieved in an evening so I feel a bit like a supermum!


March Cliff 2016

I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do with March Cliff. What I was lacking, was time so I took the opportunity with one of the few childfree hours that I get during the week to knuckle down and get it done!

I previously mentioned that I’d planned to use decoupage this month. I started with 4 wooden blocks – they’re about 4 centimeters squared. The idea was to make a set of puzzle cubes with six different four-part pictures. When I went to the baby shower for my friend (see February Cliff) I used the Stamping Up supplies there to spell out my brother-in-law’s name (Duncan but Dunc for short) for one of the block sides. My friend had chosen the Sweet Li’l Things Designer Series of papers for the building blocks that we were making for her baby so the star background plus the complementary ink shade and scallop edged paper punch used for the letters were all part of this set.

I used parts of Cliff’s calendar picture to make four more puzzles. The man is straddling a canon – I don’t think there are words to describe the oddness of this! So the canon forms one of the sides plus Cliff’s lovely smiley face, his distressed Union Jack t-shirt and (yes I realise it’s weird) his knee. The final side of the blocks were decorated using a bit of recycled wrapping paper and printed letters which spell out March 2016.


I attached all the sides with PVA glue and also used this to seal the cubes once everything was stuck down. I’ve spoken to several friends about this whole challenge and I’m hoping that while making them laugh it’s also inspiring them to try something new. My aims for the next few Cliffs are – in no particular order – quilling, weaving, paper-cutting and making paper beads. Really looking forward to continuing this adventure!

Crochet Pants – October 2014

Slight change of plan for the next project. As a bit of fun for a friend’s hen do, we’ve all been asked to take a gift of “married lady pants”. I’ve decided to crochet a pair and decorate them with flowers. I’m still in the early stages but trust me, it should work!

After a lots of crazy maths to work out the decreases and increases needed to get the shape DSC_0512right, I got them finished off. They’re made in variegated 4-ply sock yarn (that I had intended to try knitting socks with) and worked in treble crochet to an invented pattern. I’ve edged them with a hot pink picot – I’m going to use ribbon to lace up the sides and decorate them with roses, succulents and pompoms.

I seem to have dreamt up a pattern for the succulents – if it ever existed, I can’t for the life of me find it again so am having to adapt the crochet rose pattern. I’m thinking htr, tr, dtr, tr, htr in every other chain space with dc in the rest. We’ll see!

Finally done and I feel that these pants are a triumph of creativity and they fulfilled the aim of being recognisably from me – the things we do for our friends!

Yarn Used: Regia BlitzColor 4ply sock wool in shade 02526 (Lagune) and Patons Fairytale Dreamtime 4ply in shade 02939 (Hot Pink) plus oddments of DMC Natura Just Cotton in shades N47 (Safran), N33 (Amaranto) and N09 (Gris Argent)

Cheating on the Blanket – April-August 2014

I have to confess that during the creation of the blanket, I moonlighted on several other projects and this is my round up of them all!

I completed my first “pinned it, made it” Pinterest challenge – a tutu for Georgia’s fancy dress party. I’m incredibly proud of it! It’s a very simple design, strips of pink and black netting knotted round a circle of elastic, but very effective – my little superhero!
Materials: Black and Pink Tulle Netting, 1″ elastic

As another quick aside, I made a little cherry brooch from a Mollie Makes kit – very cute and easy to make.
Materials: Craft Kit from Mollie Makes Issue 43

I’ve also been working on a new home card for a friend. More crochet in the form of a little house. I used the following pattern (translated from American to English) for the tiny heart on the front:
Magic ring, 2tr, 2htr, 1tr, 2htr, 2tr, ch2 sl st to join
I just remembered to get a photo before enveloping it up. Very pleased with the way it turned out in the end.

I also started off making a whole load of crochet roses. I bought a pack of Lion Brand Bonbons yarn – little 10g balls of 8 crayon inspired acrylic yarns (bright green, tangerine, bright orange, yellow, aqua blue, purple, red, and hot pink) and set about making one in each colour to make a garland or other such decorative thing (Feb 2016 update – I’m still trying to achieve this aim! I’ve made quite a few flowers but they keep getting used on different projects!)
Materials: Lion Brand Bonbons yarn pack, Pattern from Summer Homestyle pull out from Mollie Makes Issue 40DSC_0417

Quick make of another pair of hightops for a friend’s new baby girl. I really like them. I used a bigger hook to make them this time so hopefully they’ll fit for longer than Eddie’s did.
Yarn: Sirdar Baby Crofter in shade 148 Georgie

Baby Crofter Blanket – April-August 2014

Design for the blanket is now complete. I’m doing three different patterned squares all using combinations of knit and purl stitches. I’m three rows in to the four row moss stitch border. The yarn is really pretty and should make a bright and colourful blanket. Just hope the baby stays put long enough for me to finish it!EddieBlanketPattern
Much to my extreme frustration, there are (I have made) two mistakes in the first section. It’s too difficult to unpick it successfully to the correct place so it’s a full unpick I’m afraid but I’m going to take the opportunity to reduce the number of squares across from 9 to 7. Here we go again and much more concentrating this time!
Over half way through the blanket now. Feeling pretty positive and liking the way it looks. It is a bit (traditionally) girly but my son will have his raspberry blanket. Hoping to get it finished on time. Officially one week and 2 days to go unless he comes on the 18th May as I’ve predicted all along!DSC_0474
OK, so Edward Alexander Crawford is nearly 6 weeks old and the blanket still isn’t finished but as my wise mother pointed out, it’s summer and he doesn’t need it yet.
The blanket is finally done! All ends sewn in and I’ve photographed it draped over my surprisingly sleeping son, who is now three months old. I’m very pleased with it but have once again decided that I’ve had enough of blankets for at least another year!

Yarn: Sirdar Baby Crofter shade 173 Maypole