Baby Crofter Blanket – April-August 2014

Design for the blanket is now complete. I’m doing three different patterned squares all using combinations of knit and purl stitches. I’m three rows in to the four row moss stitch border. The yarn is really pretty and should make a bright and colourful blanket. Just hope the baby stays put long enough for me to finish it!EddieBlanketPattern
Much to my extreme frustration, there are (I have made) two mistakes in the first section. It’s too difficult to unpick it successfully to the correct place so it’s a full unpick I’m afraid but I’m going to take the opportunity to reduce the number of squares across from 9 to 7. Here we go again and much more concentrating this time!
Over half way through the blanket now. Feeling pretty positive and liking the way it looks. It is a bit (traditionally) girly but my son will have his raspberry blanket. Hoping to get it finished on time. Officially one week and 2 days to go unless he comes on the 18th May as I’ve predicted all along!DSC_0474
OK, so Edward Alexander Crawford is nearly 6 weeks old and the blanket still isn’t finished but as my wise mother pointed out, it’s summer and he doesn’t need it yet.
The blanket is finally done! All ends sewn in and I’ve photographed it draped over my surprisingly sleeping son, who is now three months old. I’m very pleased with it but have once again decided that I’ve had enough of blankets for at least another year!

Yarn: Sirdar Baby Crofter shade 173 Maypole


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