Crochet Pants – October 2014

Slight change of plan for the next project. As a bit of fun for a friend’s hen do, we’ve all been asked to take a gift of “married lady pants”. I’ve decided to crochet a pair and decorate them with flowers. I’m still in the early stages but trust me, it should work!

After a lots of crazy maths to work out the decreases and increases needed to get the shape DSC_0512right, I got them finished off. They’re made in variegated 4-ply sock yarn (that I had intended to try knitting socks with) and worked in treble crochet to an invented pattern. I’ve edged them with a hot pink picot – I’m going to use ribbon to lace up the sides and decorate them with roses, succulents and pompoms.

I seem to have dreamt up a pattern for the succulents – if it ever existed, I can’t for the life of me find it again so am having to adapt the crochet rose pattern. I’m thinking htr, tr, dtr, tr, htr in every other chain space with dc in the rest. We’ll see!

Finally done and I feel that these pants are a triumph of creativity and they fulfilled the aim of being recognisably from me – the things we do for our friends!

Yarn Used: Regia BlitzColor 4ply sock wool in shade 02526 (Lagune) and Patons Fairytale Dreamtime 4ply in shade 02939 (Hot Pink) plus oddments of DMC Natura Just Cotton in shades N47 (Safran), N33 (Amaranto) and N09 (Gris Argent)


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