Ripple Basket – November 2014 and April 2015

DSC_0845I bought some Boodles yarn with the intention of making a storage basket for baby boy’s bedroom. I’d like to try combining the basket idea with wavy crochet. Using a very useful diagram from Pinterest, I made an oval base starting from a foundation chain of 18 stitches and did 6 rounds so endedup with 82 stitches around the oval. I decided to use a ripple pattern that started from a straight edge and adapted it slightly for the circular (ish) basket shape. I’m part way through the 5th ripple row and I’m thinking of doing 9 rows around the sides plus a straightening row to finish it off. I also want to do handles which I reckon should be easy in crochet (famous last words!)

DSC_0848The basket itself is finished. I’m relatively happy with it. It’s large size means it’s quite floppy for want of a better word but once it’s filled up it should be fine. I’ve decided to use it for storing cloth nappies. The zigzags worked OK. At least I’ve learnt how to do ripple crochet now. I need to sort out the handles so some calculations are required. I also used yet another pattern for the wavy to straight bit so the whole thing is a combination of 3 patterns plus my own madcappery.

UPDATE 5 months later- I want to rework the basket to make it taller with a smaller base using an extra ball of Boodles I picked up for cheap in TK Maxx. As I unpicked it, I realised that the base was about the right size, it was just the floppiness which made it seem too big. I left the first couple of rows from the sides of the original basket and worked from there changing to double rather than treble crochet. The budget Boodles is quite stiff and thicker than the other two so despite being an arse to work with (very hard on the hards and made me feel like I was getting a full bicep workout with each round) it added a lot of structure to the basket which looks much improved. I decreased the stitches in the final two rounds by only doing a single dc into the two stitches at the top of each “hill”. The whole ripple stitch has also given the basket a pleasing shell-like appearance, smiles all round and a satisfactory result to what started out as a complete experiment.

Yarn Used: Boodles Yarn in various colours – check out the website for details of what’s available, it appears to be pot luck! (


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