Snood – November 2014

Several exciting things to report, my beautiful By My Baby pattern from Wool and the Gang has arrived. I now just need to decide on the yarn. It’s unfortunate that I can’t afford the proper yarn but £90 for something that I have to make myself is a little unjustifyably excessive.DSC_1113

I’ve also bought some gorgeous Debbie Bliss Winter Garden yarn to make a snood. The pattern I want to use is for a man so I’m hoping by doing it in chunky rather than super chunky yarn it should fit.

I finished the Winter Garden snood. I amended the pattern slightly to make it narrower but it fits well and it’s very soft. I used the whole skein so the amendments worked well. Had fun and games with the skein – thought I could go against years of undisputed wisdom and not roll it into a ball – several hours of untangling and bad language later, I managed to sort it out!

Yarn Used: Debbie Bliss Winter Garden in shade 05 (Silver Birch)
Pattern: Mollie Makes Issue 44


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