Bolero Cardigan and Decorating – February 2015

My Mum came to visit in May 2014 around the time my son was born, she’d forgotten her knitting bag so started a project for me. I bought some Baby Crofter yarn in a shade called Georgie a while back and found a free pattern for a little bolero for my daughter Georgia. Life and other bits of crafting got in the way so I didn’t pick it up again until February 2015. Having completed the back and front sections, another project sidelined the cardigan once again!

I’m still working on the sleeves but have temporarily put the cardi to one side for two other projects. I’m decorating my daughter’s bedroom. It’s pink on 3 walls so far, against all my hopes and dreams but chosen by my daughter. I have yet to wallpaper the final wall but am (roughly and perhaps wildly optimistically) on track to finish in time for the big reveal 7 sleeps from now. I’m also knitting a little fairisle heart motif for Valentine’s Day and at some point I have to make and write a birthday card, bake and ice a birthday cake and try to get some sleep!

So it’s 1:00am on my daughter’s birthday and I’ve just finished the final touches to the new bedroom. All the painting and wallpapering is done. The bed is freshly made and the birthday presents are arranged on top. The furniture is built and in place. The drawers have yet to be filled and there are a few things still to do but all in all I’m very pleased with my accomplishments. I did also finish my Valentine’s card and although I have baked the cake, I’m leaving the icing until tomorrow. I’m good but I’m not that good! This has all been achieved in spite of a chickenpox filled baby so I feel now it is time to try and achieve the most important objective of all – SLEEP!

Fast forward to May 2015 – I made a decision a few weeks ago to properly stop and finish the cardigan before I start anything else. The sleeve that I started had to be unpicked and redone but I’ve actually finally finished the whole thing! I have to confess that I have been distracted by no less than 12 other projects in the meantime. I think my Baby Crofter / Crofter obsession may also be over – there are so many Crofter things in my home now. Now, I can finally move on to my next projects free from unfinished item guilt!

Yarn Used: WI Soft and Silky 4ply Yarn in shades Blue Mix and White for the Valentines Card. Sirdar Baby Crofter in shade 148 (Georgie) for the cardigan.
Pattern: Bolero by Peter Pan (free dowload from – no longer available)


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