Granny Square Cushion – March-April 2015

At the last knitting club, I started making a green granny square as the basis of a cushion for my daughter’s bedroom – something to temper all that pink! This is almost finished bar the detangling of the yarn which is a bit of a bird’s nest at the moment. DSC_0237More importantly and following a lesson from my sewing guru mother, I managed to thread my sewing machine (it’s finally come out of its box!) and sew the three sides of the cushion together! The plan is to make a cushion using a piece of fabric I bought a while ago and then once the granny square is completed, I’ll hand sew the final side and it should be all done.

DSC_0170I also made a Mother’s Day card using the trusty crochet flower pattern from Mollie Makes. More successful than the last few times. I can now see that they do look much better with single coloured yarn – last time I used Baby Crofter. I can also understand the use of the DMC Just Cotton as the difference in stitch definition is very apparent. The card was received on time and much appreciated.

From completing the Mother’s Day card, I went straight into another Mollie Makes pattern, this time for an Easter bunny basket. I used the same yarn from the Valentine’s card, a lovely silky WI 4ply in shades of purple, blue and pink and just managed to get it finished the night before Easter Sunday. The bobble stitch, although beautiful and very effective in this pattern was a bit of a pain – I spent a lot of time thinking how much quicker the project would have gone if I hadn’t been putting 5 trebles into every other stitch – good practice though and another new stitch mastered.

And a bit later – May 2015… 2 sides of the granny square sewn onto the cushion, one more to go before sewing the whole thing up – shouldn’t be too much longer, it’s only been on my to-do list since February! I made the decision to sew the cushion pad inside the cushion as I don’t think my sewing skills will stretch to any kind of zip fastening. I used a piece of tan/wheat coloured cotton-y stuff I bought as a remnant as a background to the crochet side of the cushion and a really pretty floral piece I bought as a fat quarter with vague hopes of trying patchwork.

And all done! Very pleased with it and proud of myself for creating a real and actual thing with my sewing machine!

Materials Used: Cushion – WI Soft and Silky 4ply yarn in Lime, a tiny bit of Patons Fairytale Dreamtime 4ply yarn in shade 02939 (Hot Pink), Floral fabric – Locally Grown by Marisa and Creative Thursday in Cream. Mother’s Day card – DMC Natura Just Cotton in shade N47 (Safran) and WI Soft and Silky 4ply yarn in White. Easter Bunny Basket: WI Soft and Silky 4ply yarn in Blue Mix

Patterns: Mother’s Day Card flowers from Mollie Makes Issue 39, Easter Bunny basket from Mollie Makes Issue 51



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