60th Birthday Card – March-April 2015

My Mum turns 60 this year and for her birthday card, I’m thinking felt embroidery, possibly fruit and flowers with textures and 3-D. My problem is that I’ve made so many cards for my Mum over the years that I don’t want to repeat myself but I’m procrastinating to the point of running out of time.
So I have a vague design now. I need to check and order supplies and get my arse in gear next. Nothing like a bit of pressure to get motivated!

Right so all the pieces have been cut out. The idea is that there are four layers of felt for the background with cut-out leaf shapes which show the layers beneath. The base layer is a very pale blue with shades of green on top. Having thought that I wouldn’t have the felt colours in my stash, it’s actually the embroidery thread that I’m short of. I’ve decided to blanket stitch the leaves in the colour of the layer below so need pale blue, lime green and a grass colour. I’m still in two minds about the flower embroidery. I’ve gone for 2 red and 1 turquoise flower all with yellow centres. I think I might go with white embroidery for the petals and yellow for the centres. I also have a plan for the centres – a chain stitch flower slightly off centre with French knots filling in the space.

And finished. Once I’d started making up the flowers, I realised that the centres were too big to actually fit on to the flowers themselves so I rejigged the design a little. I’m really pleased with it and it was well received so all good. It was nice to do embroidery again after so long and it got my creative head going with loads of new ideas…


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