Plarn Baskets – May 2015

I’ve started experimenting with plarn (plastic yarn) and I like it! I used a template from Crochet Step by Step by Sally Harding to cut plastic bags into one long continuous strip that can be used as yarn. I’m using a 6mm crochet hook and I’m currently working on a little basket trying to do some rippling.

The whole plarn experiment is going swimmingly and I feel I may be obsessed! I keep looking at plastic bags and thinking about how the different colours will work in future projects (Marks and Spencer – lovely shades of green, Sainsburys – orange, Argos – pale turquoise etc etc).  Ombre basket in shades of green completed plus one with green and white stripes. I’m working with double thickness at the moment with a 10mm crochet hook – the plan is for an orange and white base with black round the edge of the base and bottom of the sides then back to orange for the rest.

Really pleased with the results and yes, I have a massive stash of plastic bags ready to turn into yarn when I get a free moment! What a fab craft for using up all those hundreds of plastic bags that everyone has stuffed in a drawer / cupboard / larger plastic bag!



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