First Birthday Card – May 2015

A quick make for my not so baby boy who turns one next week. I’m relatively happy with the execution – a few imperfections but on the whole it turned out as planned. I love the idea of building blocks and really wanted to try and get some sort of 3-D effect going – it sort of works if you squint but you can definitely get the idea!
On his actual birthday, we also introduced my son to the delights of chocolate fudge icing. Instead of a traditional birthday cake, I decided to make a dozen teddy bear face buns. Very easy to decorate, chocolate fudge icing “roughed up” with a knife then chocolate buttons added for the features with piped eyes and smiles. He definitely enjoyed it to say the very least!


3 thoughts on “First Birthday Card – May 2015

  1. That’s lovely – it will be a family treasure! Love that there is even fudge icing on the back of the high chair!!! And your liitle boy is very cute!

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    1. Thank you! I feel I may have made a rod for my own back making handmade cards for my children’s birthdays but I do love creating and at least there’s only 2 of them!


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