June Cliff 2016

I love paper cutting. It’s such a beautiful, delicate craft and there are so many astonishingly intricate examples of gorgeous work out there. So I can’t be criticised for wanting to have a little go myself. I’m pretty good with my attention to detail and I have reasonably good levels of patience – this could be the craft for me.

Or so I thought…

I still love paper cutting but I have a completely new-found respect for the purveyors of this art. Yes, a steady hand and a great deal of patience are definitely a bonus, but I’m pretty sure you need to have some kind of in-built laser vision and perhaps the ability to shrink yourself down to the size of an elf to even begin to achieve the levels of accuracy and intricacy that I so admire and so much wanted to be able to replicate!

DSC_0640I started with a 20cm by 20cm square of paper from the June page of the calendar – Cliff was wearing a particularly lovely sequined zebra print shirt so I tried to include as much of this as I could. Working on the reverse of the paper I first drew out a rough border then got to work on the design. Knowing that the ultimate recipient of the 12 Cliffs of Christmas is a big Stone Roses fan, I looked for a lyric that I could use. I don’t really like the Stone Roses and the only thing that seemed halfway suitable was “I Wanna Be Adored” (shoot me now, I’m sure there are a million Ian Brown quotes that would be perfect but my limited internet research was not forthcoming). I found a Steve Martin quote that I really liked “A day without sunshine is like, you know, night” but I felt that the humour may be slightly too off-beat! So I settled on the following:

80% of success is showing up – Woody Allen

I drew the text out backwards and then began designing the star motifs. I wanted to use a series of 5 pointed stars and having taken inspiration from several designs on Pinterest I decided that I’d like to include a starburst design as well. I cut a couple of stars first then began on the text.

Most of it went according to plan, there are a couple of bits that tore (around the tiniest stars) but I’m pretty sure you can’t tell now that everything is glued down. I did all the cutting over two nights and backed the whole thing in hot pink. I think that if I was attempting this craft again I wouldn’t use a patterned paper as it detracts from the design but as an addition to the whole Cliff Craft Challenge I’m quite happy with the results!



4 thoughts on “June Cliff 2016

  1. So, when I saw this last night the Cliff thing had me a bit baffled at first, then I went back to older posts and read the reasons for your epic work. It gave me a proper laugh at the end of a lousy day! The Cliff calendar projects are genius!!


      1. You have probably already thought of or done this, but it just popped into to my head that a picture of the Stone Roses with Cliff’s head superimposed on each of them might work?


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