Experiment in Texture – July 2015

As an experiment in texture I want to try using plarn in combination with yarn. I’m using a combination of green plarn (courtesy of the plastic bags used to carry wine home from my local off-licence!) and some neon Red Heart mega wool that I couldn’t resist on Amazon. So far, so interesting! This will be a circle to square base with 4 sides and hopefully two ripples per side. I’ve pretty much decided that as I write this now – I’m sure it’ll probably work out but as always they’ll be some mad maths and pencil scrawlings to work out the logistics!

DSC_1122Right, I’ve done 5 rounds so am ready to square the circle as it were! 60 stitches round, so each side will start with 15 stitches. So to square it, I repeated the following, four times.

2tr, 1tr, 1tr, 1htr, 1htr, 1 dc, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc, 1htr, 1htr, 1tr, 1tr, 2tr, with a chain 4 round the corners.

This means that each side now has 21 stitches so I decided to do two ripples per side – 2 lots of 10 stitches with a single dc in the middle. It worked and I finished with a straightening off row at the top. In theory, I’m pleased with the experiment using the plarn and yarn combo but I’m not sure about the mad yarn. The whole neon overload is a bit much for me but the husband likes it. Also have to add that I worked on it poolside in Portugal. Not as glam as the big Crofter blanket in Monterey but pretty cool nonetheless! And the basket is now used to store my son’s socks in a bid to keep the pairs together and stop odd ones wandering off to the land of missing socks, hair bobbles and scissors – all of which disappear from my house on a regular basis – I’m sure there’s some kind of conspiracy…

Yarn Used: Recycled plastic bag yarn, Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in shade Blacklight (E300-3939)


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