Crochet Rabbits and Shoes – August-September 2015

After a failed experiment using some retro Emu Coolspun yarn that I was gifted from my friend’s great aunt I went on to make another pair of crocheted hi-tops for a friend’s new baby. I also crocheted a baby rabbit which I’m really pleased with as I designed it myself (read completely winged it!). I put the lessons learned from the little alien to good use and plumped for crochet rather than knitting. This was mainly done as I felt I could finish the whole thing much more quickly but also I could make it in the round without the faff of double pointed needles (which I am still vaguely scared of). I’ve always found sewing up seams incredibly difficult to master and it’s even more tricky when using sock yarn – it was one of the things I didn’t like about the alien. I think I also fixed the issues I had with the proportions and the head to body ratio.

Shortly after the first rabbit I moved swiftly on to the second one which I made for my nephew. In a bid to be more organised, I’m writing down the pattern as I go along so I can recreate it properly!

So here goes…
ch4 and ss into 1st chain to join.
Round 1: 12tr into round (12 sts)
Round 2: 2tr into each stย  (24 sts)
Round 3: 1tr in first stitch, 2 tr in second stitch – repeat all the way round (36sts)
Round 4: 1dc into back loop only (36sts)
Rounds 5 – 9: 1tr in each stitch (36sts)
Round 10: tr2tog, 1tr – repeat all the way round (24sts)
Round 11: dc2tog all the way round (12sts)
Stuff body at this point
Round 12: 2dc into each st (24sts)
Rounds 13 – 15: 1tr in each st (24sts)
Round 16: dc2tog, 1dc – repeat all the way round (12sts)
Round 17: dc2tog all the way round (6sts)
Stuff head
Round 18: dc2tog all the way round (3sts)
Fasten off and use tail of yarn to pull final stitches tight. Sew in ends.

I attached little ears and a felt face and tail and I also put a little bell into each of my rabbits when I stuffed the body. It doesn’t make much noise as the toy stuffing muffles it but it jingles a little bit. Rabbit number two is pictured here with it’s own matching hi-tops and also “the blanket” – a pure labour of love to be discussed at a later date!

Yarn used: Rabbit One and matching Hi-Tops – Sirdar Snuggly Baby Crofter DK in Archie (shade 166). Rabbit Two and matching Hi-Tops – stripes of King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK in
shades 1643 Pale Mint, 518 Ice Blue, 635 Lawn Green, 533 Green, 525 Cobalt, 609 Glacier, 524 Damson and 637 Saffran

Hi-Top pattern from Mollie Makes, see earlier post for full details.


7 thoughts on “Crochet Rabbits and Shoes – August-September 2015

  1. I would rather like a pair of those hi-tops myself, they look so comfy. The rabbits are so cute and I love the idea of putting bells in the ears. A very special baby gift, I think.

    Liked by 1 person

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