July Cliff 2016

DSC_0669 (2)Origami – the ultimate papercraft! I suppose it was only a matter of time before I had to tackle origami. I like the idea of origami; I make a mean paper aeroplane – in fact, as part of a job interview, I once had to do a presentation on paper aeroplanes. I discussed an alternative history of the paper aeroplane, explaining how they were the precursors to modern email and fax communication but I digress…

The type of origami that I’m using is called sonobe. It’s a particular form of origami where lots of tiny modules are fitted together to create any number of polyhedrons – google it (other search engines are available), the possibilities are amazing! The pattern I used was from Issue 68 of Mollie Makes for an origami vase. The idea is that you fit these sonobe modules together to create a kind of sleeve for a glass jar thus forming the vase.

I started with 5cm x 5cm squares of paper which I folded into the little sonobe shapes. It took some trial and error but I finally got it right. It’s a bit like when you fold a box lid to close it without taping it, so each bit folds under the next. Then it was on to the actual construction. This was challenging! I tried for a whole evening, just to get started and a full 24 hours plus a handy guide to sonobe downloaded from the internet later I cracked it! More cardboard box lid folding! Each pyramid is made of three sonobe modules slotted into each other and you keep adding and adding to it. Once the sheet of pyramids was the right size, I wrapped it round a recycled baby food jar and used the final sonobe modules to make a joining row of pyramids. Cliff’s fuchsia shirt against the dark green foliage made for some striking colour combinations although I also had to use lots of leftover bits of calendar from previous months and even had to steal a small slice of August Cliff to get enough paper for all the squares I needed.

It’s not perfect. I lack the total precision to be great at origami. There shouldn’t be any spaces between the pyramids and I don’t feel it’s quite as neat as it could be but I’m pleased with what I’ve achieved. Another craft attempted, another worthy addition to the Cliff Craft Challenge and yes I’m using the beautiful hydrangea flower from my garden to distract from the imperfections!


2 thoughts on “July Cliff 2016

  1. A spectacular creation. I would so love to see the recipient’s face! What job interview made you do that paper plane presentation, I wonder?


  2. It looks quite good! Kudos to you for sticking with sonobe despite how daunting it seems to be. Imagine an art piece made of interlocking paper polyhedrons! (Despite my imagination, I’ve stopped at paper cranes, lol…)

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