Crafty Round Up – December 2015

Bit of weirdness with the photos – I can’t turn some of them round, I don’t know why…

My final projects for 2015, once the blanket was out of the way, were a crochet headband with tinsel yarn trim from 30 Minute Crochet plus a mini basket – both in Peacock Bamboo Cotton as it was the only yarn I took away with me when we went on our Christmas travels across the country! I was working on Christmas Eve so managed to whip up the bow while I was manning the incredibly quiet phone lines. I tried to crochet the whole bow in tinsel yarn but it is far too difficult to work out where the stitches are – definitely a yarn better suited for knitting.

I also did the £2.00 work Christmas present challenge in style (the idea is that you have a maximum budget of £2 so you have to get creative!). Up-cycled tea light holders made from baby food jars decorated with glass paint – one each of holly, stars and spots, crocheted baubles which were completed on a train coming back from Bristol with my sleeping son in my arms, baked Christmas shortbread plus other edibles and stationery bits all presented in hand stitched stockings made from a felted jumper that I’ve been meaning to do something with for ages. The jumper had been shrunk by my brother in law’s girlfriend, she was gutted and couldn’t face throwing it away so passed it on to my daughter – it did pretty much fit her but as with all accidentally shrunken clothing was a bit of a funny shape so I acquired it! I really enjoyed doing the tea light holders, I need to spend more time with the glass paint markers, apparently they can all be used on ceramics too – maybe a mug decorating project beckons?

A very productive end to 2015 all in all and 2016 began in a similar vein with the first new baby crochet bunny completed by 5th January, this time in Maypole Baby Crofter with a purple felt face and lime stitching and by chance I managed to find a matching vest to parcel up and send off – smiles all round!

Yarns: King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK in Peacock (shade 531) and Sirdar Snuggly Baby Crofter DK in Maypole (shade 173), oddments of the Bamboo Cotton used for the baubles (see previous posts for details)

Glass paints: Marabu GlasPainter in Reseda (shade 61) and Petrol (shade 92) and Edding 751 Gloss Paint Markers in Metallic Gold (shade 53), Green (shade 74) and Pink (shade 79)

Patterns Used: 30 Minute Crochet by Carol Meldrum – bow and basket, Crochet Guide from Homemaker Magazine Issue 38 – baubles.


2 thoughts on “Crafty Round Up – December 2015

  1. I love them too, I’d like to try doing them even smaller mayber as a Christmas tree decoration but it’s August and almost sunny so I don’t think I can start thinking about Christmas yet!


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