September Cliff 2016

It’s been a funny crafting month, this month. I went to the Handmade Fair with my Mum a few weeks ago and was inspired with so many more crafty ideas of things to try that I overwhelmed myself. So September Cliff is a quick and simple make, done in an afternoon, to make way for all the other projects I’m trying to cram into my already busy schedule! So – on to paper flowers. I used my trusty Anyone Can Papercraft book as a starting point, adapting the instructions for paper poppies.

Armed with floristry tape and wire I began by using a small piece of foam which I secured with the wire to form the centre of my flower. I then put a small circle of card on top of the foam and covered it with two circles of green tissue paper which I secured with the tape. Wow – floristry tape is weird! I expected it to be like washi tape but it’s only mildly tacky until it comes into contact with itself, then it’s super sticky – weird! I decorated each flower centre with gold marker. Using 5cm by 10cm rectangles of the calendar I fringed each piece with scissors then wrapped it round each flower centre, using more tape to secure. In the poppy pattern that I adapted, the poppies were created using 7 petals made of crepe paper, unfortunately, the size of my calendar pages didn’t afford me the luxury of making more than 6 petals so when I say I adapted the pattern, I was actually forced to, to be able to make the whole project work! Also, once again, the consistency of the calendar paper (stiff and shiny) as opposed to crepe paper (stretchy and pretty floaty) meant that my flowers – using just one petal – kind of look like a bit like cala lillies, which I’m pretty happy with. Cliff on his Harley Davidson in his double denim worked well colour-wise, lovely shades of blue for the petals with white centres. A quick but relatively successful make – all in all!

I’m struggling for inspiration for October so if anyone has any ideas for transforming a piece of roughly 30cm by 40cm paper into something beautiful or functional, please let me know!


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