Mother’s Day Card – March 2016

I have always tried to made time to hand-make my Mum a Mother’s Day card. They are usually floral in theme and although I’ve tried many different crafts I usually end up coming back to embroidery. I could probably say something sentimental about my Mum having taught me to sew as a kid (which she did) but I do really like embroidery and feel that I don’t do it enough anymore so it’s always a nice excuse!
This year it was all about the retro fabrics! A while ago I bought a massive bag of paper pieced hexies from a charity shop for the bargainous sum of £3.50 – there must be around 200 of them, all cut out and stitched on to their little bits of newspaper. It was obviously a real labour of love for someone and even included the template made from cereal box card marked with “Don’t throw away!”. Some of the hexies have also been made up into a cushion-ish size piece although the combination of fabrics is a bit odd, to say the least. At some point I plan on using the whole lot to create something – I’ve seen some interesting patterns for little patchwork bags and purses and there are definitely enough hexies to make up some of the traditional 7 shape flower blocks but that’s a project for another time, when I have a whole lot more time on my hands!
The fabric that the hexies have been made from is an eclectic mix – so many different colours, materials, patterns and all of an era (mainly 80s I reckon) – so when I was looking for some fabric to use for my applique and embroidery Mother’s Day Card I was spoilt for choice! I went for a simple pale blue and green floral, a shiny teal chintz and a fabulous lime, turquoise and brown striped pattern. I cut out eight flower shapes and back stitched the outlines of the centres and the petals. For the background, I used a grass coloured piece of felt which I’d stitched stems and stalks on to before attaching the flowers. I chain stitched around the aperture of the card to secure the felt in place. It’s something of an experiment as I don’t like using glue which always seems to buckle the card and the double sided tape that I’ve used previously never seems to last very long before it starts to come away. A quick and simple make – I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out.

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