October Cliff 2016

dsc_0111Papier mache – how could I forget about papier mache? I’ve created many papier mache creations over the years from the sublime (silver and pink waste paper bins that resembled giant Easter eggs) to the ridiculous (life sized palm trees for a pirate birthday party which were reused to great effect as the giant worms from Tremors for Halloween!) but to use papier mache to make the calendar into something useful and beautiful posed more of a challenge. I love Autumn with all the colours and the leaves and the splendour and have been waiting to make use of the spoils collected from various walks round the park so decided to combine the two ideas and make two bowls – one from real leaves and one from paper leaves.
I used some patterned scissors to cut out 20 leaf shapes from the calendar page then cling filmed the top of a glass jug to act as my mould. I did the same to a small glass mixing bowl for the leaf bowl. I layered up and overlapped the paper leaves to create my bowl shape and as always made sure that the “best” leaves (any containing Cliff’s hair or tanned skin) were on the final layer forming the outside of the bowl. I did the real leaf one in two layers, top side of the leaves facing down for the outside and facing up for the inside of the bowl so both sides would both have a pretty finish.
Once the Cliff bowl was dry, I painted the inside using acrylic paints in silver and dark blue in a gradient pattern (or ombre to be trendy!). The finished bowl isn’t as sturdy as I would usually make but is rather lovely in spite of the Cliff-ness! I’ll post pics of the finished leaf bowl at a later date as part of a full post on Autumn crafting. Only two more Cliff craft challenges remain – 3D deer in the forest papercut for November and baubles, bows and frivolities for December I think.

6 thoughts on “October Cliff 2016

  1. He-he! Is it wrong that I want you to have to do this again next year? Sorry, I know it is mean of me but it makes me laugh so much! Plus you have given me an idea of how to do something I have been struggling with, so, thanks!


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