Easter Lamb Basket – March 2016

You may, by now, have guessed that I like Easter. I’m not religious so my love of Easter is all about new life, baby animals and the first green shoots of Spring after the dark and dreary depths of Winter (crisp, bright wintry days are fab but it’s the sleet and the slush and the whole lack of sunlight that I’m always glad to see the back of). Last Easter (2015) I made myself a bunny basket in shades of blue and purple. This year, I finally got round to making the companion piece – a cute and cuddly lamb basket. It’s crochet in the round in popcorn stitch and I did it in a traditional white (pastel coloured bunny = fine, pink sheep = something not quite right!). Since this basket was a present for my Mum, I thought I should play by the rules for a change! The construction of the basket is identical to the bunny, the only difference is the shape of the ears and the fact that the lamb has a little snout / muzzle for its mouth and nose.
It’s inspired me to try more different crochet stitches. I’m itching to have a go at crocodile stitch and maybe spike stitch – so many other projects to get out of the way first though! I had a slight crisis when I got to the top row and realised I was about three popcorns worth of yarn short so hastily subbed in a tiny bit of white yarn purloined from one of the monthly Mollie Makes kits – it’s round the back, it’s almost the same colour and I won’t tell if you don’t!
Yarn used: Women’s Institute Soft and Silky 4 ply in White
Pattern: Mollie Makes Issue 51

Bunny Bunting – March 2016

Although this pattern was designed as an Easter decoration, I thought it would work really well as a new baby gift for a friend. It’s another Mollie Makes pattern. It was lovely and quick to make (always a bonus) and easy to personalise. I made the bunnies using some of the left over bamboo cotton yarn from the ripple blanket I made for my nephew. I then over crocheted (I think that’s what it’s called) letters into each bunny to spell out the baby’s name, Benjamin. The letters weren’t as clear as I would have liked but the overall effect works OK.

The colours of these bunnies were dictated by my leftovers but I hope to make another string of bunting in yellows, blues and pinks as an Easter decoration for myself – any excuse to trim up!

Pattern: Mollie Makes Issue 64
Yarn: Oddments of King Cole Bamboo Cotton