December Cliff 2016

dsc_0144The end of an era – the final project of a year long challenge! I needed something festive for my grand finale. I had a couple of ideas but really wanted to combine fairy lights and paper stars. I found a few different techniques, mostly involving origami (which we know is not my favourite thing) so settled on 8-pointed stars woven from strips of paper. I cut loads of 12cm by 0.5cm strips. Each star is made from 12 strips each and created in two halves which are then fitted together. The link to the tutorial I used is here:
I joined all the stars together in a long string then threaded some LED fairy lights (Poundland bargain!) through the gaps. The end result is pretty РI probably could have sized everything a bit better so the lights lined up with the centre of the stars Рbut it fits the bill!
It’s been fun and I feel like I’ve achieved a great deal. The big reveal will take place on 14th January so I’ll let you know how that goes. It’s been a bit of a mad month craft wise. I do love Christmas but always seem to set myself far too much to do to the point where it all gets a bit manic. After having crocheted a bespoke dinosaur mermaid for my son and handmade little gift boxes complete with homemade fudge and cookies for my team at work I was up until midnight on Christmas Eve making snowball pompoms, needle-felted sprouts and printed lino-cut gift tags. I was all great but I definitely needed a rest which is why it’s taken me until now to get December Cliff sorted out! Hopefully I’ll be back to more regular updates in the new year!

November Cliff 2016

dsc_0130Firstly I’ll have to apologise for this being late. I did finish it about a week ago but have been frantically trying to finish off Advent baskets (which I’ve still yet to do – three missed chocolates so far!). I’ve gone back to paper cutting for November’s project but rather than a flat picture, this is a 3-d model.
The pattern for this project, a festive woodland scene with reindeer,¬†was taken from Mollie Makes issue 71. Theirs was very on trend with gold reindeers and a blush border. Cliff was posing on a yacht this month which gave me two distinct colours to work with – tanned skin, as always, and beautiful shades of blue from the sea. The tree in the middle was made with 6 flat shapes from plain white paper folded in half and attached together which gave a nice solid base to the whole design – I chickened out a bit and cut them all out with scissors though! The cutting out of the border was a nice way to ease myself back in to paper cutting – tiny circles with a craft knife were challenging but I got there in the end. I’m very pleased with the reindeer – I managed not to chop off any vital parts – legs and antlers remain fully intact! Most of it is put together with double sided tape although I used hot glue to secure the tree to a sturdy piece of card and glued the border in place to make everything a bit more robust.
20161127_222817I really like the finished result! In the magazine, they cover the whole thing in a glass bell jar, I’m too much of a cheapskate to fork out but I can see that it could look really lovely as a centre piece. It’s been decorating our mantelpiece for the past week and I’ll be sorry to see it go to it’s new owner!

Only one more project to go on this whole crazy adventure – I’ll do a round up and reflection at some point and of course I’ll document the big reveal. My brother in law is out of the country over Christmas and New Year so it’s likely to be January before the 12 Cliffs of Christmas are finally handed over – I’m childishly excited thinking about the look on his face!