December Cliff 2016

dsc_0144The end of an era – the final project of a year long challenge! I needed something festive for my grand finale. I had a couple of ideas but really wanted to combine fairy lights and paper stars. I found a few different techniques, mostly involving origami (which we know is not my favourite thing) so settled on 8-pointed stars woven from strips of paper. I cut loads of 12cm by 0.5cm strips. Each star is made from 12 strips each and created in two halves which are then fitted together. The link to the tutorial I used is here:
I joined all the stars together in a long string then threaded some LED fairy lights (Poundland bargain!) through the gaps. The end result is pretty – I probably could have sized everything a bit better so the lights lined up with the centre of the stars – but it fits the bill!
It’s been fun and I feel like I’ve achieved a great deal. The big reveal will take place on 14th January so I’ll let you know how that goes. It’s been a bit of a mad month craft wise. I do love Christmas but always seem to set myself far too much to do to the point where it all gets a bit manic. After having crocheted a bespoke dinosaur mermaid for my son and handmade little gift boxes complete with homemade fudge and cookies for my team at work I was up until midnight on Christmas Eve making snowball pompoms, needle-felted sprouts and printed lino-cut gift tags. I was all great but I definitely needed a rest which is why it’s taken me until now to get December Cliff sorted out! Hopefully I’ll be back to more regular updates in the new year!

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