Crochet Pincushion – May 2016

I’ll warn you now, this is an odd one! I’d never really considered pincushions or their usefulness until I decided to make one. I got a free kit with Issue 66 of Mollie Makes – they called it retro style, I saw the opportunity to try out some of the floral designs that can be created with variations of the basic fan pattern. I loved the colours, very on-trend watermelon shades (pinks and greens) although I ran out of the dark pink and the green towards the end so had to improvise with some spare grass coloured cotton DK. I made a second one in blue and purple as a gift for my Mum.

Pincushions are really useful! Until I’d finished making this one, I don’t think I’ve ever used one before! I keep my pins in a recycled tiny jam jar and generally used the arms of the sofa or the chair cushions (as long as my husband didn’t see me!) while I was working on embroidery or pinning together limbs for woollen creatures but no more! At some point when I forget all the previous blankets and the time they take, I’d love to use this pentagon pattern to make something lovely for myself – maybe a bigger, non-pin cushion may be a more achievable goal though!


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