2nd Birthday Card – May 2016

My son loves cows. Not just a little bit – it’s bordering on obssession. In a way I feel partially responsible. My parents have a holiday home in Normandy, France. It’s a converted farm house and is adjacent to a working dairy farm. The President lorry turns up once a week to collect the milk to turn it into camembert – it’s all very lovely! However, we visited for a few weeks in August 2015 when he was just over a year old and it all began from there! Everytime my son was restless or upset or needing calming down we took him to see the cows and he became captivated by the majesty of these gentle giants. So it made sense that his 2nd birthday card would be cow themed!

Embroidery and applique again and very similar to the one I made for my daughter a few months earlier – hey, if something works and all that! It’s a very simple design but an effective one. The fabric in the background was from a local stationery shop who were selling fat quarters for £1.00 – I think this was designed as a Christmas fabric but I really liked the geometric pattern. Although I always say it, I do like embroidery but only ever seem to do it for birthday cards – I really must make the effort to do more!


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