Where It All Began…

So this was the first project from my journal, Skandi inspired fairisle baubles – a little quick project to complete before the big day back in December 2012. First bauble with checkerboard design started at craft club while watching Strictly Ballroom – soon abandoned after it becomes apparent that sequins and spray tans and ballroom dancing get in the way of pattern following and the complex counting and making stitches required for the initial increase.

After full attention is given, counting and increasing is much more straightfoward although has to be written out in full to avoid mistakes. Then on to the fun bit – mention should be made that, in true RuCraw style, the yarn used is not as specified (subtle shades of teal, blue and green) but a festive red, green and gold self striping 4-ply sock yarn with the fairisle pattern in plain white. The fairisle bit is much easier than I thought it would be – don’t know why I was so scared of it. Decreasing is also somehow easier than increasing too – all about the ssk! Finished bauble is sewn over a 6cm polystyrene ball – smaller than the pattern suggests but works due to nervous tight tension!

And since it all went swimmingly, Bauble Two was full of ambition. Bauble Two Mark One – centre panel spelling out “Georgia 2012” went well until sewing up time when it became apparent that I was not as good at fairisle as I thought and had pulled everything far too tight meaning pattern stitches disappeared when stretched over the poly ball making the whole thing unreadable, so with a heavy heart, Mark One was unpicked.

After a redesign of my pattern panel – to make sure there were less long stretches of a single colour – Bauble Two Mark Two started to take shape. Crafting down to the wire the final 10 rows were knitted in the car on 23rd December en route to the in-laws. The bauble spent Christmas a bit saggy since better tension on my part meant that the 6cm ball was too small to fill it. Bauble Two was restuffed with the correct 7cm ball on 5th January in time to be put away with the rest of the decorations ready for next year.

Pattern: Making magazine – December 2012 issue

Yarn: King Cole Zig Zag in Rustic


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