Little Alien Doll – July 2015

Following a (possibly drunken) late night conversation with a friend at a wedding, we came up with a sketchy plan to book a craft stall as an incentive to make (and sell) some of the pretty things we always seem to be working on. My making list was filled with things like the plarn crochet baskets and possibly some embroidered brooches and I wanted to have a go at re-working the little aliens that went inside the pockets of the Super Chunky cushion that I made for my daughter a while back.

I bought some variegated sock wool so I would end up with stripy creatures. A few modifications to the original design – I’m going to use stocking stitch throughout and am hoping to add felt embroidered faces and tummies.

First little guy done and I’m OK about it but not quite happy. I’m going to try another one with a wider head and shorter body. I like the felt tummy though and my daughter has adopted him as her own – at least someone likes my efforts!

Yarn: Schachenmayr My First Regia in Levin (shade 01893)

As an update to this, now writing in June 2016, my friend and I never did get our craft stall! She went on to bigger things and developed a fab knitting subscription box called Sonic Knits ( whereas I took on the Cliff Richard Craft Challenge! I haven’t made any more aliens but did develop the pattern – details of what it became in a later blog post.


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